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Floral Preservation Process 


Fruit Of The Bloom Boutique would love nothing more than to preserve your special botanicals, but we have limited space in our studio. Please contact us via the "book your preservation" page on the website to make sure your date is available. Provided your date is available, we'll ask that you make a $100 deposit (nonrefundable) to officially reserve your special day!




5. DRY



Fruit Of The Bloom Boutique will then send you a design form / questionnaire to learn more about you, your flowers and your unique aesthetic and help us pull together an accurate quote for your order. Changes can be made to your preservation order until your flowers are ready to be shipped. If you’re unsure of what preservation items to choose, contact us, and we’d be happy to make recommendations based on your flowers and style. And feel free to explore our Instagram for inspiration!

Fruit Of The Bloom Boutique wants your flowers to arrive safe and sound and will send you detailed instructions on how best to package and send us your flowers.  The fresher the better, but flowers should be overnighted or sent next day.  Please note: shipping your flowers is an added cost, and your balance must be paid in full at the time of shipping, before we can move forward with your project.

*if you live in/near Los Angeles, we can arrange for a flat-rate of $50 to pick up your flowers.  Similarly, we can drop off your finished pieces for the same fee.

Once we receive your flowers, we will select and trim the freshest blooms and greenery to dry and preserve.



Next, your fresh flowers will carefully be buried in silica sand, where they will remain for an average of 2-3 weeks, depending on the type of flowers.

Once your blooms are unearthed from their “slumber” in the silica sand, they are cleaned, and any petals that may have fallen off during the drying process, are reattached. Fruit of the Bloom’s expert designer will then create and share with you two mock-ups for each Bouquet Block, based upon the design preferences selected in your order form. We do not provide mock-ups for Artwork Additions.  Dried flowers are fragile, so it’s important we limit the amount of handling and back and forth on layouts.  You have commissioned Fruit of the Bloom Boutique based on our previous work, so please allow our artists to do what they do best.  

Your flowers will then be placed in their mold(s), and Fruit Of The Bloom Boutique's high-quality epoxy resin is slowly and carefully poured over them once a day, layer by thin layer, until the blooms are completely covered. This process is calling "casting."




After the final layer cures for 2-3 days, your pieces are removed from their molds where they are trimmed, sanded, wet-sanded, topcoated and/or polished over a period of several days.

Then, your unique floral artwork is carefully boxed up in Fruit Of The Bloom’s custom-designed,     eco-friendly packaging and shipped back to you.

Word of mouth is SO important to a small business, and we would greatly appreciate your reviews. Contact us, or tag us on Instagram @FruitOfTheBloomBoutique and show us how you are displaying your floral keepsakes, reminding you of your special event and/or person every single day.

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